BRITISH SHOW HOST: Simon Cowell, 62, Breaks His Silence On ‘Horror’ Bike Accident

'I'm a bit of a nutter!' Simon Cowell, 62, breaks his silence on 'horror' bike accident and vows he'll 'wear a helmet next time' as he's pictured with his broken arm in a cast - covered in son Eric's scribbles


Simon Cowell has broken his silence on his ‘horror’ bike accident as he emerged with his broken arm in a cast for the first time since being rushed to hospital last week following a second biking accident.

BRITISH SHOW HOST: Simon Cowell, 62, Breaks His Silence On 'Horror' Bike Accident
Leaving- Simon and Lauren stepped out together, just hours after his accident was revealed

The smiling music mogul, 62, told MailOnline he was ‘a bit of a nutter‘ while stepping out for a stroll with his fiancée Lauren Silverman in London on Wednesday.

It comes as friends claim Simon, who added he’s ‘feeling better’ since the crash, is ready to give up cycling despite being an enthusiastic rider, having narrowly avoided serious injury during the accident last week – he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Despite his close call, Simon was still smiling as he stepped out with his arm covered in plaster, supported by his partner Lauren.


The X Factor star’s bright yellow cast was covered in drawings from his son Eric, seven, with scribbles including animals and his own name, days after he suffered the nasty injury.

As the couple set off for their walk, Simon exclusively told MailOnline: ‘I’m OK. I’m feeling much better thank you. It happened just around the corner.’

After being told that locals had seen him whizzing around the local streets at high speed on a number of occasions before the crash, he admitted: ‘I’m a bit of a nutter. I’ll definitely wear a helmet next time.’


One workman, who has been renovating a property nearby, said: ‘He nearly bumped into me the other day. You often see him racing about on his bike although I must admit I haven’t seen him on it for a few days. Now I know why. 

‘He dashes round the corner without stopping and he’s never wearing a helmet. ‘The roads can get very busy around here so he’s taking a bit of a chance.

‘You’d have thought he would have learned his lesson after what happened before.’ 

Simon is nursing a broken arm as a result of the accident, his second involving a bicycle having previously injured his back following a similar fall in Malibu two years ago.

Friends have since claimed he is ready to give up cycling despite being an enthusiastic bike rider after narrowly avoiding serious injury during the incident last Thursday.

A source told MailOnline: ‘Simon has vowed not to go on a bike again. It was a horror show but fortunately, it looked worse than it actually is.

Cowell was rushed to a hospital near his west London home on Thursday with a suspected concussion, facial cuts, and a broken arm after he slammed into the road at 20mph while not wearing a helmet.

The ‘blood-soaked’ tycoon had been riding a Das Spitzing Evolution S-Pedelec bike, which has a basic price of €9499 (£7921) and has top speeds of 27mph.

Cowell was attended to by passersby before paramedics arrived, while three onlookers also stopped oncoming traffic.

What You Should Know

  • The music mogul, 62, was rushed to hospital on Thursday after the horror crash, and on Wednesday was seen leaving his London home with his arm in plaster
  • Friends are now claiming Simon has vowed to give up cycling following the crash
  • He flew over the handlebars at 20mph while not wearing a helmet
  • The ‘blood-soaked’ tycoon was treated by passers-by before paramedics arrived
  • Simon was riding a Das Spitzing Evolution S-Pedelec bike, which costs upwards of £7921 and has top speeds of 27 miles per hour
  • The crash comes just 18 months after he broke his back on an e-bike in Malibu
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