MUST READ: How We Crashed MMM Nigeria


<p><strong>MUST READ:</strong> How We Crashed <strong>MMM Nigeria</strong></p>

The Ponzi scheme (MMM) which has gained maximum attention in major countries in Africa is under fire by the Nigerian media to have allegedly crashed and carted away with billions of Naira owned by vulnerable Nigerians.

on 13th of December 2016 announced on the PO of every member that starting from that day been 13/12/2016 that all confirmed mavros will be frozen for 30days and will be released on January 14th 2017.

To many, have crashed but the truth is that MMM will not crash. MMM will release your frozen mavro and business will continue as usual but you will need to Provide Help (PH) again to be able to withdraw your frozen mavro.

Yes, you have to PH if not then who will PH for you to GH? You are part of the reason MMM froze your account. You ask how, ok let me explain how “we crashed MMM Nigeria”.

Guiders: One thing i hated most in the arrangement of MMM is the role of the guiders. Who are the guiding? Guiders were given more than enough money without doing any job. Imagine seeing a guider given testimonies of GHing 5 million naira, how much did he PH? Guiders receive some bonuses depending how many people are in their payline.

Guider’s bonus
5% – from first-level participants’ donations
3% – the second level
1% – the third level
0.5% – the fourth level
0.25% – the fifth level
0.1% – the sixth level
0.05% – the seventh level
0.03% – the eighth level
0.01% – the next level

Multiple Accounts: Almost all members have or is thinking of having multiple accounts, it was stated clearly that MMM is not an investment opportunity but a mutual aiding community but some members turned it into business and even created multiple account just because of registration and referral bonuses without thinking about the health of the system.

Premature Withdrawal:
Some members used this method to crash our dear MMM. Premature withdrawing affects the system. The MMM platform is a program, programmed to run base on trust, the program runs automatically and is programmed to match GHites after 30 days of PHing. So when you GH before 30 days you are only trying to crash the system. If you are sincere to yourself, you won’t GH a premature mavro because your help is meant to last for 30 days before you can Get Help.

Fear: Many members out of fear started GHing after the media came out with fake news that MMM will crash this fear lead to mass panic and everybody started GHing and it lead to frozen mavros and this same fear will make it difficult for MMM to payout the frozen mavro as frozen mavros will be paid 10% per new PH that a member donates.

What we should do now, if you are a new member then this is the best and “risky” opportunity to take as it will be like MMM started all over again but if your mavro is frozen, then is better to start PHing to be able to get your frozen mavro again.

The key statement many of us forgot: participate with your spare money.

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