BREAKING: Former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe Is Dead

The former Japanese Minister is dead after being shot at a political rally while giving a speech.


BREAKING: Former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe Is Dead
former Japanese Minister


Abe was shot twice while he was giving a speech in the southern city of Nara on Friday morning.

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According to sources, he was shot in the chest and neck. He collapsed on the street, with several security guards running towards him.

He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. Although pictures taken at the scene showed him bleeding.

A male suspect was immediately arrested at the scene. Videos showed the man in a grey T-shirt and beige trousers being tackled by security guards.
The suspect was said to have been a member of the maritime self-defense force for about three years, until 2005.
He reportedly told the police he was frustrated with Abe and intended to kill him.
Condemning the act at a press conference, Prime minister Fumio Kishida said Abe is in “grave condition”, and that he is praying for his survival.
“I am hoping and praying that Abe will survive this heinous act. On what the motives are, we don’t know the detailed information yet. But elections are being held, this is the very foundation of democracy and such an incident took place. It is barbaric and malicious and cannot be tolerated,” he said.
“I would like to use the most extreme words available to condemn this act. At this moment, doctors are working very hard to save Abe.”
Kishida said no decision had been made regarding the upcoming election schedule but added that he was asking all cabinet members to return to Tokyo.
Politicians across the world have expressed concerns over Abe’s condition. Boris Johnson condemned the attack, describing it as despicable.
Utterly appalled and saddened to hear about the despicable attack on Shinzo Abe. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones, he wrote on Twitter.
The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also reportedly expressed deep concerns over Abe at a G20 meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali.
“Our thoughts, our prayers are with him, with his family, with the people of Japan. This is a very, very sad moment. And we’re awaiting news from Japan,” he said.

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