2023: BBNaija Titan To Distract Voters – LP

The Labour Party (LP) claimed that the upcoming reality show, “Big Brother Naija Titans” may serve as a distraction to youths from voting during the 2023 election.

2023: BBNaija Titan To Distract Voters - LPThe television programme produced by the pay-tv service provider, Multichoice, is set to air on the DSTV satellite television platform on January 15th, just 40 days after the general elections.

The show will feature contestants from both Nigeria and South Africa.

Yunusa Tanko, the Chief Spokesperson of the presidential Campaign Committee, stated in a press conference in Enugu on Wednesday that the party believes the program is aimed at preventing young people from participating in the electoral process.

“The essence of this press conference is to alert the ever-vibrant Nigerian youths of the hidden agenda behind the new reality show tagged: “The Titans,” Tanko said.

“We have credible information that it’s being sponsored by one of the major opposition parties to distract the Nigerian youths from changing the leadership that has placed them in perilous times laced with abject poverty,” he said.

He stressed that the information made available to them revealed that the son of one of the presidential candidates in active collaboration with others visited South Africa to hatch this plan.

“As a party with the sole aim of turning our dear country into a place where poverty, unemployment, ‘Japa’ will be seen as a taboo is being threatened by an opposition that hates the Nigerian youths with passion.

“Big Titan or whatever they may call it will distract the youths from taking what belongs to them now.

“The Big Brother Naija ended not long ago, why the ‘Titans’ now that we are facing a major election that will determine the future of the Nigerian youths,” he queried.

Tanko said that the reality show now was laced with a lot of unforeseen dangers for the youths because their attention would be divided.

“As a party, we are not against reality shows because it helps the Nigerian youths to break the poverty line but for now, for the common good of all, it should be shifted to another convenient date.

“This should be after the general elections must have been concluded.

“Those putting together a reality show at this time when we are counting days to the general elections are enemies of the Nigerian youths and by extension all well-meaning Nigerians,” Tanko said.

He said the question Nigerians should be asking the organisers was whether they were truly friends of the political entity known as Nigeria or enemies of progress.

The -PCC spokesperson further said the reality show was concocted and designed by a major opposition political party stressing that at the right time, they would unmask them to the Nigerian youths

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