Senator Ndume Offers Advice to Senate President, Denies Rift Rumors

Ndume Offers Senate President Akpabio Advice Amidst Speculation

Senator Ndume Offers Advice to Senate President, Denies Rift Rumors
Senate Chief Whip Ali Ndume Stresses Harmony with Senate President Akpabio

Senator Ali Ndume, the Senate Chief Whip, recently expressed his willingness to offer advice to Senate President Godswill Akpabio, citing his seniority and extensive experience in Senate matters. Ndume conveyed this during an interview on Arise Television’s Morning Show on Friday.

He emphasized, “I am older than Akpabio and can provide him with guidance on Senate-related issues. I served as the Director-General of Akpabio’s campaign, making me his foremost supporter and promoter in his bid to become the Senate President. While we may have disagreements, our disagreements should not escalate into conflicts. Akpabio and I are colleagues, and we share common interests.”

Addressing recent speculations regarding a possible rift between him and the Senate President, Ndume dismissed such notions. It is worth noting that in October, Akpabio and Ndume engaged in a heated exchange on the Senate floor, which ultimately led to Ndume leaving the session prematurely.

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