Instagram Crosses 2 Billion Active Users Monthly; WhatsApp Equally Hits 2 Billion Daily Users

Instagram Crosses 2 Billion Active Users Monthly; WhatsApp Equally Hits 2 Billion Daily Users  Facebook’s Instagram now has 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, which is only 0.5% of Facebook’s 2.96 billion monthly users.
This sign shows that people are paying more attention to the thriving Instagram app rather than Facebook. Yesterday, at their earnings call, Meta disclosed the number because they did not think it was important enough to mention in the Facebook section of the report—while they’ve disclosed the figure globally.
They also stated that more than 2 billion people use their WhatsApp messaging service every day, with a total of 3.71 billion monthly users for their family of apps worldwide.
Instagram surpassed 1 billion monthly active users in June of 2018, and a year later it’s undergone one of its largest transformations yet. In addition to giving users more algorithmically selected content based on what it thinks they’re interested in, the app also now features short-form videos called Reels that have been prioritised over all other video formats.
Meta is trying to make Instagram more relevant in an industry that has seen a lot of change. They are doing this by adding features such as a topics-focused feed of videos. In comparison, ByteDance’s TikTok uses an algorithm to push videos out to people who are interested in that video subject matter, rather than just people who follow the post’s creator.
Meta makes the majority of its revenue from advertising positions on Facebook and Instagram. As people spend less on ads, Meta and other companies are fighting for fewer dollars.
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