Governor Ben Ayade Locks Out Government House Workers Over Lateness

The Governor of Cross Rivers, Ben Ayade, locked out civil servants working in the government house, Calabar for coming late to work.

Governor Ben Ayade Locks Out Government House Workers Over Lateness
Governor of Cross Rivers, Ben Ayade

It was reported that the governor who returned to Calabar on Monday after a long absence, came to work earlier on Wednesday and was surprised to see that many of the civil servants were not available.

Ayade immediately ordered the opening of a register and asked the Chief Security Officer to lock the gate and not allow anyone coming after 8: a.m to enter the office.

It was reported that those locked out included all cadre of workers, including top-ranking officers of the state civil service as well as political appointees.

Due to the governor’s irregularity in the office and lack of reprimands, most civil servants, particularly those working in the governor’s saunter most times at about 11 am and leave before 3 pm.

A good number of them laze about gossiping and sleeping while some women go from one office to another selling trinkets and biscuits.

As of noon, the gate was still under lock and key while visitors and personnel milled around the surroundings.

It would be recalled that this is the third time Ayade has locked out government workers since becoming governor over lateness.

The governor has often said he does not have the heart to lay off workers or reprimand them even when they commit serious offenses.

The Special Adviser on Media to the Governor, Christian Ita, said that the governor had always frowned at indiscipline and shown reward to those committed to their responsibilities.

According to him, “the normal resumption time is 8 a.m., and if a governor can be in the office at that time, why can’t others be around?

“The governor has always shown reward and sanction to workers; he doesn’t hesitate to sanction when you err and also reward you when you are committed to duty.”

It was gathered that several workers who were locked out, were seen hanging around the entrance gate of the Government House.

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