We’ve Not Given Up On Peaceful Resolution Of Niger Crisis, Says ECOWAS President

Regional Unity Prevails Amidst Ongoing Niger Crisis; ECOWAS Clarifies Stand on Deployment of Military Forces

The President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Omar Touray, has clarified the regional body’s decision to deploy standby military troops to the Niger Republic, emphasizing that this move does not signify a country-on-country conflict but a united community effort.

We’ve Not Given Up On Peaceful Resolution Of Niger Crisis, Says ECOWAS President
ECOWAS President Omar Touray

Following an extraordinary second meeting convened in Abuja on Thursday, ECOWAS announced the deployment of standby military forces aimed at reinstating constitutional order in the Francophone nation.

The decision comes in response to the defiance exhibited by the military junta in Niger, which failed to meet the ECOWAS deadline for the restoration of ousted President Mohamed Bazoum.

Speaking during a comprehensive press conference concluding the meeting, President Touray underscored that ECOWAS has consistently engaged in diplomatic and peaceful approaches to restore constitutional order in Niger.

“May I use this opportunity to say one thing and one thing alone? This is ECOWAS, made up of 15 member countries, as you have seen, who’ve met and decided on the way forward on this matter,” Touray said.

“It is not one country against another country. It is not the community against one country, the community has its instruments to which all members have subscribed and it is now up to the heads of state and incumbent upon them to make sure the provisions of the various instruments are applied and implemented.

“So let us look at this as a community initiative, a community action, not an individual country going against another country, and ECOWAS is not going against ECOWAS citizens. ECOWAS is trying to implement principles of the community that we have all subscribed to. That is very important.

“There is a lot of information out there, trying to present this as one country against another country. That is not the situation and the leaders have made it clear that they are taking responsibility and acting in accordance with their own plans and intentions.

“It is not that we have anything against any country or any people, this is a regional position. Please let us send that message out. This is a regional position, it is not one country against another.

“So I think we should put the blame on those people who have taken the initiative to remove a constitutionally elected head of state. We have all agreed to abide by the constitutional order, abide by the constitutional rule, so when constitutional order is broken, there are consequences and that is what the heads of state are trying to apply.”

Responding to queries regarding the utilization of force amidst opposition from Niger citizens, Touray emphasized the continued openness of a peaceful route. “I think the communiqué is very clear; the window for the restoration of constitutional order through peaceful means remains open, he noted. Nobody should consider this as the only option opened to ECOWAS. ECOWAS has been engaged in peaceful and diplomatic efforts to effect the restoration of constitutional order in Niger and the communiqué has made it very clear; the authority has kept that window open.”

Addressing concerns regarding the mobilization of standby forces and the associated funding, Touray assured that “appropriate measures are being taken.”

As the situation in Niger unfolds, ECOWAS demonstrates its dedication to regional unity and adherence to constitutional values. The community’s efforts reflect a commitment to collaborative action, working toward a peaceful resolution to the current crisis.

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