Roads Constructed Under My Supervision Will Last 50 Years – Umahi

Revolutionizing Road Construction: Minister Umahi's Pledge to Deploy Advanced Concrete Technology for Lasting Roads Sets Bold Agenda

In a determined effort to address the long-standing issue of deteriorating road infrastructure in Nigeria, Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has unveiled ambitious plans for the construction of enduring roadways using state-of-the-art “concrete technology.”

Roads Constructed Under My Supervision Will Last 50 Years - Umahi
David Umahi

Umahi, formerly a senator and more recently the governor of Ebonyi state, shared these intentions during a recent appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program.

During the televised discussion on Thursday, Umahi emphasized the urgent need for the country to strategically allocate resources and prioritize essential projects. He reiterated his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality roads that stand the test of time.

Drawing inspiration from his tenure as Ebonyi’s governor, where he championed the construction of roads designed to last for half a century, Umahi expressed his determination to replicate this success at the national level.

“We have to begin to look at figures and prioritize our needs in this country. But I promise Nigerians with the directive of his excellency, the President, that any roads we do with our new technology – 50 years, nobody is going to maintain it. So, money will be saved and money will be rightly spent in our tenure,” Umahi affirmed.

Reflecting on the subpar conditions of many existing roads, Umahi expressed his concern about their poor quality, citing instances where recently constructed roads had already deteriorated.

Recounting a disconcerting experience on the Abuja-Lokoja Road, the minister highlighted the hazards posed by compromised road surfaces. “When I was on Abuja-Lokoja Road, I discovered that the asphalt was flowing. And if you enter that road with speed, that is the end of such a person,” Umahi warned.

Addressing the common expectation that the current administration can effortlessly remedy the nation’s road woes, Umahi urged a realistic approach. He cautioned against placing unrealistic expectations on leaders, asserting that tangible solutions require collaborative efforts and practical ideas from all stakeholders.

“Mr Tinubu is not going to do magic. I am getting beautiful suggestions from Nigerians but if we want our roads fixed, Mr President Tinubu is not going to make magic. We have to be realistic about it, we have to put ideas together, he said.

Moreover, Umahi extended an open invitation to Nigerian citizens to actively participate in monitoring road projects within their communities. He encouraged individuals to be vigilant and vocal about road-related matters, promising his swift response to concerns raised.

“If a road project is lagging behind or is executed poorly in your area, you have the right to intervene. My contact information is readily available; a simple text message will elicit an immediate response and prompt action,” Umahi assured. Roads Constructed Under My Supervision Will Last 50 Years – Umahi

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