Woman Charged and Remanded for Assaulting Police Officer in Ogombo, Lagos

Woman Grabs Police Officer: Arrested and Remanded in Ogombo, Lagos

Woman Charged and Remanded for Assaulting Police Officer in Ogombo, Lagos
Ogombo Assault: Woman Charged and Incarcerated for Attacking Police Officer


In a shocking incident that transpired in Ogombo, a suburb of Ajah, Lagos State, a woman has been charged and subsequently remanded in Kirikiri jail for assaulting a police officer. The incident unfolded on Tuesday, May 16, and was brought to public attention by Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, who shared the details on his official Twitter account.

Accompanying his tweet was a compelling photograph capturing the woman in the act, grabbing hold of a police officer by his uniform. The image garnered widespread attention, prompting public outcry over the brazen attack on law enforcement personnel.

According to Hundeyin’s tweet, the assault occurred in Ogombo, underscoring the need for swift action to maintain law and order in the area. Subsequently, the woman was arraigned in court on the same day as the incident and has now been remanded to the Kirikiri correctional facility until the next court hearing on June 6.

The identity of the accused woman has not been disclosed, and the motive behind her aggressive behavior towards the police officer remains unknown. However, the law enforcement authorities are actively investigating the incident to establish the circumstances leading to the assault.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenging and often dangerous nature of law enforcement duties, as well as the necessity for individuals to respect the authority and role of police officers in maintaining public safety. The Lagos State Police Force, under the leadership of Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu, has consistently emphasized the importance of maintaining law and order, and this incident will undoubtedly receive the utmost attention from both the police and the judiciary.

The case will be closely monitored as it progresses through the legal system, ensuring that justice is served and that incidents of assault on police officers are treated with the seriousness they deserve. The police force will continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of its officers, while also upholding the rights of individuals and ensuring due process for all involved.

As the trial date approaches, the public eagerly awaits further updates regarding this incident, hoping for a fair resolution and an end to such acts of violence against law enforcement personnel.

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