Tribunal’s Refusal For Live Broadcast Not Setback For Us – PDP

PDP Remains Resolute in Pursuit of Justice as Live Broadcast Request Declined

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has addressed the recent decision by the presidential election petition tribunal to decline their request for a live broadcast of the proceedings.

Tribunal's Refusal For Live Broadcast Not Setback For Us - PDP

The PDP, however, maintains that this refusal is not a setback in their pursuit of justice.

Talkglitz had previously reported that the tribunal rejected Atiku Abubakar’s, the PDP candidate, plea for a live broadcast of the hearings.

Following the tribunal’s decision, Eyitayo Jegede, the counsel representing the PDP, spoke to journalists to share the party’s perspective on the matter. Jegede emphasized that despite the refusal, the PDP and their candidate remained fully prepared for the pre-hearing report.

In a press statement, Jegede stated, “There is no setback here. The court, in its wisdom, decided that the subject of our application on the live streaming and open telecast did not, in any way, connect with the merit of our petition.”

He further added, “The petition is separate; it is ongoing. The application did not succeed to have the televised version of the proceedings.”

Jegede also asserted the party’s readiness for the upcoming hearings, saying, “As far as we are concerned, we are now set for hearing.

“Tomorrow, we will be here by God’s grace for the pre-hearing report that will determine the progress of the petition and the time the petition will be heard and concluded.”

When questioned about the party’s confidence in the court, Jegede responded confidently, stating, “For us, we are prepared for a hearing.” This response showcases the PDP’s unwavering commitment to pursuing their case within the legal framework and expressing confidence in the judicial process.

Additionally, Jegede addressed the merging of all petitions challenging the election of Bola Tinubu, the president-elect. He noted that this consolidation was compelled by statute and further clarified that the PDP had no objections to the decision.


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