Court Affirms Julius Abure As LP Chairman, Dismisses Suspension Notice

Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure, Secures Legal Victory as High Court Dismisses Suspension Notice

A High Court in Edo State has decisively dismissed the notice of suspension issued against Julius Abure, the embattled National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), by some party members at the ward level.

Court Affirms Julius Abure As LP Chairman, Dismisses Suspension Notice
Julius Abure

The ruling, delivered by Justice Emmanuel Aihamoje, has effectively put an end to the attempt to remove Abure from his position.

The case was filed by Abure and the executives of LP Ward 3 in Esan North East of Edo State.

During the nearly two-hour-long judgment, Justice Aihamoje emphasized that the party ward executive in Uromi, specifically in Ward 3, did not possess the authority under the Labour Party Constitution, including Acts 13 & 17 and the Electoral Act 2022, as amended, to remove the national chairman of the party.

Consequently, the judge imposed a perpetual injunction against Lamidi Apapa and his faction, prohibiting them from removing or suspending Abure as the national chairman until a new national convention of the party is convened.

Justice Aihamoje further clarified that the alleged ward 3 executive, responsible for the suspension of the national chairman, had acted beyond the powers vested in it by the Labour Party Constitution.

Following the ruling, Thompson Ehiguese, LP Ward 3 Chairman, expressed his satisfaction with the judgment outside the court premises, addressing the press.

He asserted that the ruling had effectively put an end to impostors who were falsely claiming membership in the Labour Party in the ward.

Ehiguese emphasized that these individuals were from Edo North and affiliated with the APC, congratulating the Labour Party and the Obidient Movement for standing firmly with Julius Abure during the sponsored crisis within the party.

Ehiguese stated, “The judgment explicitly declares that Barrister Julius Abure remains the national Chairman until the party convention holds next year. Nothing can alter our collective determination to reclaim the Nigerian masses’ mandate, freely given to Mr. Peter Obi and the party in the last presidential election.”

Edo State Labour Party Chairman, Kelly Ogbaloi, also weighed in on the ruling, affirming the vindication of the Labour Party.

Ogbaloi remarked that the court had exposed Apapa and his faction as “tragic power seekers.”

He highlighted that Lamidi Apapa, who was previously a deputy national chairman and a custodian of the party’s constitution, was well aware that the suspension of the national chairman was not legally executed, as it contradicted the provisions outlined in the party’s constitution.

Ogbaloi noted that Apapa had resorted to seeking an ex-parte motion from the court to restrain the national chairman, but today’s ruling confirmed that the court would no longer entertain such a charade.

This ruling by the High Court marks a significant victory for Julius Abure and the Labour Party, affirming their commitment to upholding their constitution and preventing any unlawful attempts to remove the national chairman from his position.

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