Orji Kalu Urges Buhari To Stay Active In Politics After Retirement

Senator Orji Kalu, who is currently serving as the Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate, has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari not to retire fully from public service when his tenure ends on May 29.

Orji Kalu Urges Buhari To Stay Active In Politics After RetirementThe senator made this call during a meeting with the President at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday.

In his statement to state house correspondents after the meeting, Senator Kalu suggested that President Buhari should take up the position of Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Board of Trustees (BOT) after handing over power to the incoming President.

This would ensure that the President remains active in the political sphere and can continue to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

“The party should bring back our board of trustees or something that looks like it so that Mr. President will be chairman of the board of trustees of the party so that every four or five months, he will come and see how the party is doing,” Kalu said.

“We cannot just leave the party empty. It was done in the young days of the APC so that the president will still be part of the conscience of the party.”

Kalu noted that the APC was faced with serious crises before the general election, adding that Buhari’s interventions saved the ruling party from “going under”.

The senator urged the president not to totally retire from politics.

“We will have somebody to run to when we have problems in the party because it was just God that saved our party. That is the truth,” Kalu said.

“God saved our party because the quarrel inside the party was so much, the rancor was so much. It’s just God that saved this party.

“So, we need a man like President Buhari to be aside. Every three, or four months, we will go and drag him from Daura and he will settle party matters. We’ll put him back; he goes back there and continues looking after his cattle and rice, and all the rest of them.”

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