IPOB Warns Against Use of Its Name by Unauthorized Groups

IPOB Warns Against Use of Its Name by Unauthorized Groups
Nnamdi Kanu

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has released a statement warning against the use of its name by individuals or groups not officially affiliated with the organization. The statement, made by IPOB spokesperson Emma Powerful on Wednesday, emphasized that the group does not operate a government in exile and is solely focused on achieving the sovereign state of Biafra and securing the release of its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who is currently detained.

The statement clarified that the Biafra Radio operating in the United States is not affiliated with IPOB and urged those behind the radio station to cease using the group’s name. The statement also reiterated that there are no factions within IPOB and any group operating under a different name outside of the official leadership structure is not recognized by the organization.

IPOB emphasized that its primary goal is to establish a sovereign nation but acknowledged that it does not have the power to print currency or other state documents at this time. The group cautioned against individuals claiming to represent IPOB and warned that any groups purporting to operate under the IPOB name but with different objectives are doing so on their own and not under the direction of the organization.

The statement concluded by stating that any individuals or groups claiming to represent IPOB without official authorization are not aligned with the group’s values and objectives. IPOB is a non-violent freedom fighting movement and is committed to achieving the sovereign state of Biafra through peaceful means.

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