Young M.A – Savage Mode


Young M.A - Savage Mode

Savage Mode

Song by Young M.A 
Produced by  
Album: Red Flu 
Released: 22 May 2020 

releases the music video for “Savage Mode”, a song from her “Red Flu” album.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Ayy, ayy, I’m goin’ in savage mode
I don’t trust a soul, so when I die, keep my casket closed
Ayy, ayy, I’m goin’ in savage mode
Treat the beef just like a stripper, bitch, I’m quick to grab the pole
Ayy, ayy, I’m goin’ in savage mode
Broke up with that bitch and then I went and got a badder ho (Badder bitch)
And I still don’t give a fuvk, ayy (I never did)


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