YNW Melly – Mind On My Murder

YNW Melly - Mind On My Murder

Mind On My Murder

Song by 
Produced by SMKEXCLSV
Album: I AM YOU
Genre: Hip-hop
Released: 3 August 2018

“Mind On My Murder” is the sequel to Melly’s breakout single “Murder On My Mind” which tells a story of an altercation Melly was involved in at the age of 16 and consequently served time in jail for.

In this sequel, Melly gives the backstory to the second verse on “Murder On My Mind” from the victim’s point of view.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Cause baby, it’s a homicide, oh, a homicide
He just shot me and I dropped down to the floor
He said I caught him by surprise, I caught him by surprise
He was shell-shocked and he claimed he didn’t know
I grabbed his hand ’cause I was terrified, said I was scared to die
He just watched my blood spill out and die slow
I looked him right inside the eyes, he looked inside my eyes
Asked him would I survive? He shook his head no



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