J.I.D – Off Deez ft. J. Cole


J.I.D - Off Deez ft. J. Cole

“Off Deez” is a lyrical onslaught between J. Cole and his Dreamville Records signee . The track was released as DiCaprio 2’s second official single on November 6, 2018, and was produced by ChaseTheMoney.

On the track, and Cole demand that their detractors and critics “get off their d!cks,” which essentially means to stop bothering them, constantly criticizing them, and always having something negative to contribute to conversations involving their names. Both artists give detailed descriptions of how they will kill their enemies throughout their respective verses.

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The song has a similar title and theme as Cole’s own “G.O.M.D.,” a standout track on 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Quotable Lyrics:

Okay, East Atlanta playboy, don’t got much to say, boy
Cradle to the grave, and it’s been like this since a slave, boy
It ain’t sh!t to pull up, pick the fuvking tool up
Screaming hallelujah, pushing daisies and some tulips (Hi guys, hi, hi)
Itty bitty bitch, n!ggas in the city finna pull up with a stick
Dirty with the dick
Seen you in a minute, n!gga, put you in cement
Anybody get a n!gga, anybody get
Shouts to the Chi, n!gga poppin’ this sh!t
Got the drop in your crib, in the spot where you live
If you talking that sh!t, n!gga, stop it


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