An Eminem’s STAN Replies MGK Diss And It’s Unbelievable


An Eminem's STAN Replies MGK Diss And It's Unbelievable

While we all waiting for to respond to Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) Rap Devil diss, a stan has stood up for the rapper to knock off the rapper the way a typical ‘Em would have.

Already gaining millions of streams, the STAN’s Pac Man obviously matched up to the game as he plays around the hook, “I hate these mumble rappers, they go DA DA DA DI 😂😂😂😂”.

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After listening to this reply, one would be like; “What’s left for to say?”. Oh yea! It’s almost like this Stan already spit it all.

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  1. Naijakuku Boss says

    Nice song .

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