See What A Pastor Is Feeding His Members With [VIDEO]


See What A Pastor Is Feeding His Members With [VIDEO]

We live in a world of unending wonders indeed and a lot of these can be attributed to bizarre human behavior, the latest of which can be seen in the viral video of a Pastor giving some of his members pages of the bible to eat.

In the short clip, the unnamed Pastor detaches the pages from the Holy Scriptures and the eagerly anxious ladies open their mouths to receive the ‘holy food’ from the clergyman and begin chewing enthusiastically. See the video below:

The video will no doubt leave many wondering just how far some people will go to please the so-called men of God who keep surfacing in almost every nook and cranny of the world.

See What A Pastor Is Feeding His Members With [VIDEO]
have done strange things that have ended in

While it is good to honor and respect Pastors, one is also expected to use one’s discretion when faced with the option of doing certain strange things as such events have been reported to end tragically for the participants.

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