Ola Dips – Twenty Tiri K

Ola Dips - Twenty Tiri K

Twenty Tiri K

Song by
Produced by AYKBeats
Released: 4 August 2019

Following his exit from ‘s LRR label, keeps pressing on his artistry and he delivers yet another one titled “Twenty Tiri K”.

For those that might not understand, “Twenty Tiri K” simply implies “23K” and this was borne out of the statement the rapper made that he parted with his former label with only twenty-three thousand naira left in his account. The statement had generated several responses on social media and felt took inspiration out of the create this song.

Twenty Tiri K produced by AYKBeats is a street hip-hop song with the local sauce and it’s another evidence that has finally retraced his steps back to his early days.

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