Bas – “Fried Rice” ft. JID

Bas - "Fried Rice" ft. JID

Fried Rice

Song by 
Featured artist: 
Produced by KQuick
Album: Milky Way (Deluxe)
Released: 5 June 2019

On this track, Dreamville labelmates and  team up to rap about having their respective cities on their backs, likening it to “Fried Rice” being put underneath chicken wings.

This is the first release from the deluxe edition of Milky Way, Bas’ third studio album. It may also appear on Revenge of the Dreamers III, as it appeared on an early tracklist.

Quotable Lyrics:

Decisions I be makin’ when I get impaired
Tell me where the ginger, man, I’m gettin’ there
Money in my pocket barely fittin’ there
But I fell in love with how it’s sittin’ there
Old bitches miss me, a hole in her soul
But I’m over it though, had to block me a number


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