REDTV releases new series “When Are We Getting Married”

REDTV's New Original Series Explores the Challenges of Young Love and Relationships in Nigeria

REDTV releases new series "When Are We Getting Married"

debuts their latest original series, “When Are We Getting Married,” which highlights the ups and downs of a romantic relationship between two young lovers, Edith and Fenwa.

The show, produced by Bola Atta, explores the significance of chemistry in a relationship while acknowledging that it may not always guarantee a successful relationship.

The series also touches on the challenges that many young Nigerians face in navigating romantic relationships. As the couple moves in together, they must confront their differences in opinions about love and marriage and overcome their fears, past, and struggles to keep their relationship strong.

Starring and Ric Hassani, “When Are We Getting Married” is an engaging drama that aims to resonate with audiences across Nigeria and beyond.

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