Blue Beetle: DC’s Next Superhero Movie Reveals Trailer And Cast Details

The first Latinx-led superhero movie from a major studio is set for a theatrical release.

Blue Beetle: DC's Next Superhero Movie Reveals Trailer And Cast Details
Blue Beetle movie

DC Studios has released the first trailer for their upcoming movie “Blue Beetle,” which follows the story of teenager Jamie Reyes, played by Xolo Maridueña, who becomes a superhero after an alien scarab beetle attaches itself to him, giving him armor and superhuman abilities such as enhanced strength and speed.

The trailer offers fans their first on-screen glimpse of the character and his first encounter with the alien scarab beetle. Although it does not reveal much about the plot, it does show Susan Sarandon’s villainous Victoria Kord and the movie’s overall comedic tone, ending with George Lopez calling Batman a fascist.

Originally intended for an HBO Max release alongside the now-canceled “Batgirl,” DC decided to give the movie a theatrical release instead to create a more cohesive DC Universe going forward. As the first Latinx-led superhero film from a major studio, “Blue Beetle” is a significant milestone, and its move to theaters seems to be a wise choice. Sarandon has hinted that the movie was mostly filmed in Spanish, but from the trailer, it appears to be in English, although it’s possible that two versions were filmed, similar to “Prey.”

Blue Beetle: DC's Next Superhero Movie Reveals Trailer And Cast Details
Blue Beetle official trailer

Aside from Maridueña and Sarandon, the cast also features George Lopez, Harvey Guillén, Belissa Escobedo, Bruna Marquezine, and Raoul Max Trujillo. The movie is expected to create a new origin story for the comic book hero, with some characters having comic book counterparts, while others are new to the film. Marquezine’s character, Jamie’s love interest, has not appeared in the comics, and Sarandon’s Victoria Kord is a character created for the movie, although her name suggests that she may be related to the comic book character Ted Kord, who is a brilliant scientist and sometimes a member of the Justice League.

“Blue Beetle,” which wrapped filming last summer, is set to hit theaters on August 18, 2023. The movie is among the last of DC’s pre-James Gunn and Peter Safran era content as the new co-CEOs plan to revamp the DC Universe with their own vision and a massive 10-year plan. “The Flash” movie, set to release this summer, is expected to serve as a reboot point for the DC Universe.

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