Yul Edochie clarifies ‘no man’s land’ statement about Lagos

Yul Edochie Clarifies Lagos Status and Addresses Criticism Over Peter Obi Movie

Yul Edochie clarifies 'no man's land' statement about Lagos

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has dismissed the notion that Lagos is a no man’s land, as the city is located in Yoruba land, and Yoruba people have been accommodating to other tribes.

In a post on his verified Instagram account, Edochie stated that he had lived in Lagos since 2011, and he had not encountered any form of rejection from the Yoruba people.

According to him, every time Yoruba boys see him on the street, they gather to greet him, and it’s always been all love. Edochie added that it was wrong for anyone to say Lagos is a no man’s land, just as it would be wrong to claim that Anambra is a no man’s land. He emphasized that other tribes, including the Igbos, have contributed immensely to the development of Lagos, and the Yoruba people have been accommodating to other tribes.

Earlier, had courted controversy over a new film production, where he played the role of Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State and Labour Party presidential candidate.

Edochie mimicked Obi’s voice, dressed like him and made references to some of his real-life situations. However, some Nigerians criticized the movie, stating that the actor disrespected the former governor by using a voice that did not belong to him. Some also felt that the film was an attempt to mock Obi, which is unacceptable.

TalkGlitz Media reported that emphasized the importance of killing tribalism before it kills people. In a country where ethnic tensions are high, it is crucial to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among different ethnic groups.

Edochie’s statement highlights the need for Nigerians to recognize and appreciate the contributions of all tribes towards the development of the country. The controversy surrounding his new movie shows how Nigerians are sensitive to issues of ethnicity, and there is a need for caution in representing public figures in the media.

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