Ibrahim Chatta celebrates son’s birthday with heartwarming letter

The Nollywood actor emphasizes importance of good morals and family values

Ibrahim Chatta celebrates son's birthday with heartwarming letter

actor recently celebrated his son’s birthday by sharing a video of his son, Malik Chatta, on social media. The actor also penned a lovely letter to his son, expressing the importance of good morals in life.

In the letter, advised his son to love and fear God and to always show love and respect to his mother. He shared how his own father taught him the importance of being the best in all endeavors and urged his son to follow his path carefully.

The actor also advised his son to be kind to people and treat them as he would like to be treated. He emphasized the importance of family and urged his son to be good to his stepmother, siblings, and everyone who is important to his mother.

encouraged his son to be resilient in the face of life’s challenges, assuring him that falling or failing was not shameful, but refusing to stand up or try again was. He also advised his son to read the Qur’an when life becomes tough or rough.

The actor urged his son to be humble and to always remember that there are people in the world who are less fortunate. He encouraged his son to help people in any way he could and ended the letter with a Yoruba proverb, “OORE KI I GBE O,” which translates to “May goodness never depart from you.”

The letter is a beautiful expression of a father’s love and provides valuable life lessons for not only his son but for all readers. It highlights the importance of good morals, resilience, and kindness in our daily lives.

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