Monkeypox On The Global Rise As Nigeria Fights Against Spread

There is a general rise in the surge of monkeypox all around the world with the UK recording up to a 9% infection rate this week and Portugal at 5% as well. Nigeria has recorded 558 cases since the year 2017 and eight deaths so far in that time space. Scientists and biologists alike understand that monkeypox does not spread easily in Tundra and temperate regions and it is more common in arid and hot areas.

Monkeypox On The Global Rise As Nigeria Fights Against Spread
Monkeypox virus under the light of a microscope

Monkeypox is caused by the monkeypox virus which belongs to the same family of viruses as smallpox and chickenpox. Monkeypox is transmitted from animals to humans when an infected animal(most often a rodent or a primate)scratches or bites a person. The disease is spread via fluids such as sweat, blood, and phlegm.

Hunting wild animals and preparing wild game can also result in an infection of monkeypox a person, especially when the game is not properly disinfected and properly cooked.

Various symptoms of monkeypox include; fever, chills, lesions(just as with smallpox), headache, muscle aches, etc. Monkeypox is known to be very fatal to children and proper measures have to be taken to ensure the spread of the virus is kept in check.

The NCDC is yet to confirm any known cases of monkeypox in Nigeria, following the recent global outbreak and it remains to be seen whether the disease will be as notorious as the infamous COVID-19 or Ebola Virus Disease. The federal government is now taking preventive measures at borders and airports to ensure that monkeypox is not imported into the country from travelers or foreigners, with proper testing equipment and measures set to be underway in a matter of days.

Nigerian hospitals are advised to report unfamiliar symptoms or symptoms akin to monkeypox immediately to the NCDC in order to check the spread of the disease as the government continues to seek preventive measures against the spread of the disease in the country.

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