5 Things You Should Not Take As Relationship

5 Things You Should Not Take As Relationship
5 Things You Should Not Take As

Many people end up hurting themselves believing they are in a relationship, while in reality, there is nothing like that. They tend to assume that because this person does this and that, he or she loves and in with me. Relationship has to be defined, do not assume it, if you try to assume it, you may regret your action. One of the things I learnt early in life is never to assume someone is in love me until the person says that. You may even see the so called clear signs that this person wants you but if the relationship is not yet defined, don’t assume it.

In order to avoid making mistakes as to this, we are going to be discussing 5 things that should not be taken as relationship. These are:

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5 Things You Should Not Take As Relationship
A Lady Meeting Her Friend’s Parents

#1. I’m Familiar With His/Her Family: The fact that you know all the family of someone does not mean you are in a relationship. I have heard people say stuff like, “his mummy even knows me, and she can’t allow any other girl come to him.” Hey, come off it, the both parents may even know you, that doesn’t matters, what matters is what do they know you as? Did he/she ever introduce you as a partner? Have you both defined the relationship? If the answer to the above questions is No, please, don’t imagine a because you know the family. See, even if you know the immediate, extended and the generational families, it cannot still mean there is a relationship.

#2. He/She Tells Me Everything: It is possible that someone shares so much with you including things that should be personal but don’t say because this happens, we are in a relationship. It is very wrong for you to assume a relationship on this basis; the person may just like your spirit or always believe you have better opinions to share whenever he or she tells you something. Don’t read meaning to the fact that someone tells you everything or rub mind with you always, it doesn’t mean relationship. When it comes to defining a relationship let the terms be clear.

5 Things You Should Not Take As Relationship
A File Photo Depicting Partners That Just Had Sex

#3. We’ve Had Sex: Yeah, let’s talk about this, a lot of people have mistaken sex for a relationship. Although I won’t advice anyone to have premarital sex, but don’t imagine there is a relationship because you already had sex with someone. If that is the case, pro$t!tute will be in many relationships. The sex stuff may just be friends with benefit, instead of putting yourself in the position of being used because you have an assumed relationship in your head, while not just define your relationship. Make the terms clear and set boundaries. Don’t mistake having sex for a relationship, better advice, avoid premarital sex as this will save you from be used as friendship with benefit.

#4. He/She Gives Me Money: Money may mean a lot to you that you think if someone is giving me money like this, he or she wants me. It may even be you that do the giving, don’t say it is relationship. Money is not synonymous to “will you marry me”, don’t mistake it for a marriage proposal. If you feel someone is giving money or anything too much that you are no longer taking to be normal, talk about it with them, you both should finalize things, don’t put yourself in an imaginary relationship. You may even be the one giving too much money, if you have any special intention as to that make it known too. Don’t hold anybody on ransom because you give them money.

5 Things You Should Not Take As Relationship
Friends Having A Nice Time Talking

#5. We Spend Time Together: The fact that you always spend time with someone does not mean that you both are in a relationship. He or she may just enjoy your company and nothing more. People might have even started mistaken you both as couple this still doesn’t imply a relationship. If spending much time together is sending you a wrong signal, as I earlier said, define the relationship and set boundaries.

In conclusion, a relationship should be very defined and agreed upon, do not assume it. Also as a lady, the fact that you do the cooking for a guy doesn’t mean you are already dating.

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