7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life
7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life

It is generally believed that there is no Mr. &Mrs. Perfect; humans can err only God is ever perfect. However, there are mere mistakes that one may not really feel the effects when made. There are also grievous mistakes that when a person make them, he or she will definitely regret.

These are the 7 mistakes you should never make especially as a youth:

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life
Couple In The Library For Mental Investment
  1. Not Investing In Yourself: Traditionally our mentality about investing is in terms of quick or guaranteed monetary returns. But we underestimate the most return procuring way of investing; which is investing in yourself, which actually will repay great returns. You can invest in yourself by learning new things, reading various books, doing various courses, etc. This experience will lift your market value and make you capable enough to gain fantastic rate for your time & skills. Above anything else focus on self-investment; you matter a lot not just to yourself, your family and the world.
  2. Not Pursuing Your Dreams/Goals: Let me ask this question before telling you to pursue your dream, do you even have a dream or goal? Life does not make sense in the life of a person that just exists without a dream. When you are without a dream, you are merely existing and not living; you will start living when you tie your life to a dream. To an artist, it’s his art that gives him a purpose to live. Everyone is good at something, everyone dreams of doing something big in life. But just to day dream it & not put any efforts at all to realize it is an unforgivable and irreversible mistake. Mediocrity hurts at a later stage. So never compromise on making efforts to achieve your dreams. If you dare compromise, it will be an eternal regret. Therefore, be goal oriented, keep dreaming and keep pursuing.

    7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life
    Someone That Is wasting Time Sleeping And Trying To Break The Clock So As To End Alarm
  3. Poor Time Management: I have seen a lot of people that time wasting do not mean anything, I later realized that they lack understanding of the fact that when you are wasting time, you are wasting your life. As time reads, you also grow, ensure that your growth is not just in age but grow yourself all round. Stop wasting time, stop sleeping a whole day as if someone is going to pay you for sleeping. Stop making excuses for being lazy such as I have nothing doing, if you don’t have, create it. It may even cause you to start doing physical exercise if you think you really cannot find something doing, one day you may become a fitness coach. Proper time management is proper life management. This head is so broad that discussing anything isn’t sufficient. We all have already heard that time is equivalent to money, or money once spent will return but time once gone will never return. It’s very important to overcome laziness and mental obstructions to your goal and utilize every moment possible. Because wasting your time currently may seem a normal idea to you, but you will realize later on, that this was a mistake. Don’t make this mistake, if you have made it, correct yourself and build proper time management structure for yourself.
  4. Disrespecting Your Parents: The generation gap that today’s youth is facing with their parents is probably highest in the human history, the reason for this is mainly the way world has evolved in the 90s and thereafter. But as we move forward in life we realize whatever out parents said or did was always for our betterment & we do regret our ill behavior towards our parents. That is why it’s better never to lose your temperament while talking with them & giving them the respect they deserve. May just know that they are the very reason we exist & we can pursue our goals in life as we want; is enough of a reason to treat them appropriately. At times you may feel your parents are wrong to you, don’t dishonor them for it, just ensure you are always right to them because no matter how wrong them might be, if you pay them back wrongly, you will definitely regret doing that later.

    7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life
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  5. Disregarding Your Health Wellness: In our 20s we don’t really focus on what we eat or do we exercise or not. Our focus is either career or relationship or fun. What we miss-out is our health which we don’t realize until few years later when things start to change. No matter how busy schedule do we have, regular health care & healthy food is a must. Healthy food & exercises will not only shape your body but also your thoughts; it will help you to have positive vibes within yourself. It will increase your productivity and sportsmanship. Good healthy habits and healthy food in your youth will help you to build a physique that will be well functioning in the later years of life. So never make the mistake of disregarding or not paying attention to your health.

6. Dependency On Another For Your Happiness: In today’s world we tend to make the mistake of depending up on people around us to make us feel happy and important.  We look up to friends or relationship partners to make us feel that energy that we want. It is good if people around you cause you happiness but it is better when you are the source of your own happiness. You may regret making the mistake of relying on others to make you happy; learn to be your own vibe. Be the energy that drives you, don’t request it from someone else, you may be disappointed. The only person you can look up to for something greater than happiness is God, look up to Him for the Joy from within. According to a research in human psychology, it’s very important for a human being to learn to live independently and love his own self. This will help in emotional stability in longer run. Dependency over our partners or friends results in unexpected emotional traumas, which can lead to depression. Further self-companionship helps in making the practical & logical decisions in tough times, which are very much required in today’s world.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In Life
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7. Not Building The Right Network: Often times I see people shouting self-love, self-crush and the rest. The thing is that nobody is telling you not to love yourself, it is even very essential you do but don’t claim you are loving yourself and keeping people out of your life. Let me tell you the truth, the distance between where you are now and that desired future is the network(s) you do not have presently. Right people are not just numbers, they are networks and your networks in life will determine your net worth. Don’t disregard any opportunity to add right people to your life, if you do, you will regret it and when you need such network you won’t have access to it.

Other mistakes you should avoid making so as not to regret in life are; not paying attention to your academics, not exploring your life, not being responsible for your decisions and not exploring your life.  

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