How Jonathan Tortured Me For 6 Years – Ali Ndume

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A former Senate leader, Ali Ndume has revealed how , tortured him emotionally for 6 years over alleged links to terrorist sect, .

Ndume briefed newsmen in the federal capital territory (FCT) that his family was seriously affected by the allegations. He stated that one of his daughters suffered a miscarriage on hearing of his arrest and arraignment in court.

In his words;

For six years, the Federal put me on trial without any evidence to prove their false allegations against me. After six years, the court said they had no case against me so they had to acquit me.The wasn’t fair; the spirit with which they reported my arraignment has not been matched with the reports published on my acquittal.

For six years I was restricted, I could not travel, I could not move an inch; I was subjected to emotional torture when all the while the government knew that there was nothing against me and they know who the sponsors of Boko Haram are.

And the saddest aspect of it all was that up till when the case was dismissed finally, nobody, including those in the media who had subjected me to their trial, could query the lame facts brought to the court.But I will still ensure that my voice is heard and my side of the story is told as well; because there are so many things that the world needs to know.

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