Kirk Franklin: Gospel Singer’s Sister Sentenced To 25 Years In Jail


Kirk Franklin: Gospel Singer's Sister Sentenced To 25 Years In Jail

Gospel musician, has revealed his sister has been sentenced to 30 years in jail.

According to him, he wonders what he could have done better to help her. In 2015, he spoke about his crack-addicted sister, saying

“For over ten years, my younger sister was incarcerated in a facility here in Texas. She was in love with a young man who was [a] drug dealer. He introduced her to not only selling drugs, but using as well,”

“When he was arrested for drug trafficking, she was arrested along with him.”

Once being released, Franklin said, his sister fell right back into that destructive lifestyle.

“She quickly started using again, becoming very reckless with her body, which turned into her using it as a means to pay for her habit.”

He did not say why she was jailed again.

After announcing the sad news on his Instagram page, some of his fans wondered why she could have been sentenced that long over a drug-related offence.

A fan wrote:

The average sentence for manslaughter is 2 to 12 years and the average sentence for second-degree murder is 10 to 25 years so how exactly does one get 30 years for abusing or selling drugs especially when people are falling out all over the streets in light of this opioid epidemic

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