Glory Osei Accused Of Fraud By Ex-Employee, See Nigerians Reaction

Glory Osei Accused Of Fraud By Ex-Employee, See Nigerians Reaction
Glory Osei

A man, simply identified as AY has taken to her Twitter to attack her ex-employers, Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho.

Glory Osei Accused Of Fraud By Ex-Employee, See Nigerians Reaction

AY had taken to Twitter to accuse her ex-employers of fraud following her experience with them while working for them.

In his tweet, he had explained how the two have defrauded some of their clients and how they had kept the knowledge of their marriage away from the public.

This allegation followed after Glory called out for application for potential job seekers.

Glory Osei Accused Of Fraud By Ex-Employee, See Nigerians Reaction

He wrote;


“I happen to be a fresh graduate who was desperate to get a job and never wanted to stay at home. I came across a job advert for the position of a communication executive, which I applied and was called for an interview and later got the job with TRUE REBEL FASHION COMPANY.

I was so happy that I got the Job but my parents were against the job and refused to support me with 20k for transportation which I asked for. So I had to borrow 20k from my neighbor which I hope to pay at the end of the month after my salary might have been paid.

At the end of the month, I was not paid. I pleaded with my neighbor to exercise patient till the following month & also collected another 15k for transportation for the second month. When the second month ended, I was not still paid. So I started dodging my neighbor.

The CEO Mr. Muyiwa Folorunsho ask us to come to work one Saturday without extra pay, which wasn’t part of our agreement. So we didn’t go. The following Monday morning he came with some uniform men with AK.47 to match us out of the office without paying me my salary.

Now Truerebel Fashion Company has turned me an enemy against my neighbor whom I have not been able to pay. He has also turned me an enemy against my parents. When I look back, my heart is always filled with regret and pain

What makes me cry is the fact that I was used as an instrument by the company to strip Nigerians Unclad of their hard-earned foreign exchange, defraud unsuspecting Nigerians and sell fake jewelry while his other staffs in other companies sold fake lands in Lagos. I was only used as an accomplice.

Nigerian graduates, please beware of this scammer. I had to sell my laptop to offset my debt and since 2014. They have refused to pay me my salary. I have left it in the hands of God.

Please Retweet so that Nigerians will know these two criminals

Yours sincerely

Twitter users have taken turns to react  to this; See reactions below:



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