Nigerian Model, Nara Ozim Gets Dragged Over ‘False’ Molestation Alarm


A Nigerian model identified as Nara Ozim on Twitter raised an alarm over alleged molestation by a photographer while doing her job.

Nigerian Model, Nara Ozim Gets Dragged Over 'False' Molestation Alarm
Nara Ozim and Jerrie Rotimi | Collage: Twitter

Nara started a thread on Twitter to reveal all she experienced during a photoshoot session with a popular photographer, Jerrie Rotimi.

According to Nara, Jerrie was touching her inappropriately all through the session and she couldn’t react ’cause she didn’t want to disrupt things.

Read her thread:

Can I share gist with you guys without it entering blogs or Instagram 😭pls

Sha sha that’s how I had a shoot recently with a popular photographer and the entire time he was tapping current trying to direct my poses.

Till now I’m still badly traumatized. I thought about the complications of what may happen if I checked him.I thought about the brand I was working with and how they’ve probably paid him millions..

He couldn’t take his fuvkin dirty hands of me😞 I wanted to clear this bastard the entire time but that would’ve been the end of the shoot and I had already been paid!

FYI this photographer may probably see my tweets but that’s his business. I’m so close to disclosing his name to the TL. At your big age you are tapping current! I won’t hesitate to tell anyone who ever mentions your name to me how you kept trying to touch my brea$t and bum!

Iv realized that this is why rape victims don’t speak out cos they are afraid of the what may happen. The entire shoot I was cringing while this deadbeat photographer won’t stop touching me! If I mention your name that’s the end of your career! you will get what’s coming to you Sending all my tweets to him so he knows that I know and I’m ready to disclose his name if he try’s to deny it. Even my assistant saw when what you were doing. we have proof from the bts videos if you try to deny this! Dead randy fuvk! God punish you! Stup!d Randy fuvk!

Watch the video Nara provided as evidence below:


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There has been quite a reaction to this accusation.

Jerrie Rotimi refutes Naya’s claims and he’s going for a lawsuit:

So I’m seeing a series of allegations from Nara Ozim and I want to refute all claims and state for the record everything that happened at this shoot.

I was booked by a client for a jewelry shoot and Nara was the model. At every given point of the shoot – there were at least 10 people on the set; it was never a closed set at any time.
At no point during the shoot, was I alone with her or anyone else alone with her for that matter. At different points of the shoot, I gave direction as to poses and looks for each shot.

The only interaction we had was when she asked if I could throw in a shoot and I replied saying she would have to pay for the service. I would like her to provide whatever videos and pictures she claims she has showing any inappropriate behaviour from me, within the next hour.

I have briefed my lawyers about this and I am taking the appropriate steps. I pride myself in being professional and I care too much about my craft to allow my brand or name be tarnished for no good reason.

Twitter reactions:

Tewan: I hope the guy doesn’t sweep this under the rug, how do y’all even defame someone’s character like this for fun? Not cool at all

Irunnia: You accused someone of sexual harassment and when you were asked to drop proof, this is what you dropped and called it the evidence of him touching you?

If a bird had your brain, it will be flying backwards.

Nenyenwa: My own is, she should stop chasing clout untop someone’s source of livelihood biko.
If you are not ready to be a model, get another job period.
That guy was just being a professional doing his job, and you want to drag him for absolutely no reason.

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