Why Alex Ekubo’s Relationship With Fancy Failed

Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo’s sister, Ekubo has debunked claims that Alex is gay.

Why Alex Ekubo's Relationship With Fancy Failed has defended her brother saying homosexuality doesn’t run in their family.

Talk Glitz reported that Fancy who was engaged to Alex, recently revealed that in their five years of being together, Alex had never had sex with her.

In an online interview with Obodo Oyibo TV, disclosed issues about the two relationships and debunked claims that Alex was never intimate because of his religious beliefs.

revealed that her family wanted to keep quiet as they did before, but the situation had gotten out of hand and they needed to correct the narrative.

She urged Nigerians not to believe Fancy allegations, insisting that they are all lies.

According to Ifeoma, Alex told her he and Fancy made love in January 2022 after they settled their differences when she called off their wedding in August 2021.

In her words, she said, “When he started talking to me, he said I was with Fancy in January because that thing happened in August, The wedding was supposed to hold in November of that year. So January of the next year, they made up and he told how they made up, they made love, they did this, they did that. He told me and even Fancy has even said it with her mouth to one of my friends that they had sex after they made up. I am so angry with Fancy right now.

“On claims that Alex is gay, He is not gay, It doesn’t run in the family. We don’t have that in the family.”

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