US Singer Trey Songz Accused Of S£xual Misconduct

US Singer Trey Songz Accused Of S£xual Misconduct
allegedly urinated on a woman without her consent

has been accused of gross sexual misconduct by a lady who claims he urinated on her.

In an interview posted earlier this week, internet personality Celina Powell made an appearance on the podcast No Jumper with her friend, Aliza, who was asked about the host about the nastiest stuff she has ever done.

Responding to the question, Aliza revealed that in the course of an otherwise consensual sexual encounter, a celebrity urinated on her without her consent and prevented her from leaving his hotel room.

I didn’t know what was happening, he just did it”, Aliza said. After she was urged to reveal the person’s identity, she blurted, “Trey Songz. I don’t give a f-k, f-k him.

US Singer Trey Songz Accused Of S£xual Misconduct
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When asked by the host Adam John Grandmaison how she was unexpected peed on, Aliza replied that after she and engaged in a consensual s*x act, he followed her into the bathroom and urinated on her without her permission.

She said, “And then he literally just peed on me like that, and I was like ‘What the f-k, on my eyelashes?’ And he’s like ‘You’re fine.’”

Aliza added, “He already got mad at me for talking about it… But every bi*ch I talk to about him says the same sh-t. And he’s psycho, like he took my phone and my purse away for like a whole day, held them over the balcony and was like, ‘Bi*ch, if you try to leave, I’ll drop this sh-t’”

US Singer Trey Songz Accused Of S£xual Misconduct

Pointing to Powell, she added, “He does the same thing to her. He’s like weird.

Speaking further, Aliza stated: “I kept asking like, ‘When can I leave? What time is it?’ And he just like wouldn’t answer, he would just f-king ignore me. And I’m like ‘Okay’. And then he was like, ‘You can leave when I go to my flight,’ and I was like ‘Okay, when is that?’ Wouldn’t tell me.

Responding to the allegations, took to Twitter where he denounced his accusers, saying that they undermined women who “actually have suffered harassment.”

The singer refused to answer a request for further comment and later tweeted about another accusation against him from an unnamed woman.

See his posts below:


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