UK Bans Demi Lovato Album Poster For Being Offensive

A poster promoting Demi Lovato’s album, “HOLY FVCK” that featured the singer posing on a cushioned crucifix wearing a bondage-style outfit has been banned in the United Kingdom.

UK Bans Demi Lovato Album Poster For Being OffensiveThe poster, which was displayed in several locations in London during August, received four complaints for potentially causing serious or widespread offense and for being irresponsibly placed where children could see it.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the advertisement must not be displayed again.

Polydor Records, a division of Universal Music, defended the poster, stating that they did not believe it would cause serious or widespread offense. They also stated that they had checked with the proposed display sites to ensure the poster would be acceptable before its release.

However, the ASA deemed that the poster was likely to result in serious and widespread offense and had been targeted irresponsibly due to the use of language and its appearance in public places where children were likely to see it.

The ruling stated, “Ads must be prepared with a sense of responsibility and must not contain anything that was likely to cause serious or widespread offense.”

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