Stop Shaming Women For Marrying Late – Basketmouth Ex-Wife, Elsie

Comedian, Basketmouth’s estranged wife, has asked Nigerians to stop shaming women for being late for marriage.

Stop Shaming Women For Marrying Late - Basketmouth Ex-Wife, ElsieIn a video on her Instagram page, she cautioned them against shaming unmarried women and noted how ladies and women get shamed for late marriages and late childbirth.

Elsie disclosed that marriage isn’t easy as it requires hard work, despite it being beautiful.

In her words, she said, “I think it is only in this part of this world that people make a big fuss about a woman not being married at a certain age.

U hear questions like, Aunty why are you not married? Is she going to marry herself? People even go as far as suggesting for one to give birth.

You need to understand that if a woman is not married, it’s because she is probably taking her time or she hasn’t met the right person because you do not want to rush into this institution called marriage in the name of wanting to get married on time and end up rushing out because marriage can be touch.

Marriage can be tough as beautiful as it can be. It requires hard work. If a woman decides that she is not ready yet, you need to let her be. Stop with the derogatory remarks.”

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