Reactions As Ruger Bashes Celebrities For Moving On Quickly After Mourning Davido’s Son

Popular singer has expressed shock at the way many have moved on quickly barely hours after mourning Davido’s son.

Reactions As Ruger Bashes Celebrities For Moving On Quickly After Mourning Davido's Son

made a statement that everyone is back to posting pictures and content after questioning God over Ifeanyi’s death. The singer’s statement has been received with mixed reactions, as Talkglitz captioned some reactions. Netizens stated that life continues irrespective of what happens.

The singer wrote about humans’ wickedness, adding that the world would have been beautiful without people in it.

He wrote: “Well the world has moved on quickly. Cus everyone is back to posting their dope pictures and content on their pages just few hours after posting “God why” on their pages. “We humans are the darkness and void that has to evacuate this beautiful world coz this world would have still been so beautiful without us.”

Takglitz captioned netizens’ reactions:

Daddy_fahmmie: “Wetin this one dey talk? So make people no resume work again. Ode.”

Oberryhovah: “If he had a paid gig today would he cancel?”

Opah___0: “ no know me o… Rest on little king .”

Rasaki_jagaban: “My friend Shutup dia… so the entire world should not move on… coz the child of a famous celebrity died?? People die everyday… it’s part of life… life will go on with or without us… rest.”

Ancestor__adeshina: “Who is this one woke comment so people won’t move on again?”

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