Kunle Afod Escapes Death In Fire Motor Accident

Nollywood actor, Kunle Afod, narrowly escaped death in a devastating fire motor accident.

Kunle Afod Escapes Death In Fire Motor AccidentHis driver and an older man who attempted to help were both injured in the fire.

In a post he shared on his Instagram page, the actor shared his testimony of the incident which occurred on Monday, January 16th. He said a disaster almost happened as the bus he was in caught fire. He said his driver and an older man who tried to assist were both injured by the flames, but grateful that no lives were lost.

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Despite the tragic event, is relieved that everyone survived and is counting his blessings. He expressed his gratitude to God for keeping everyone safe.

He wrote, “Earlier today, a disaster tend to happen as my bus got burnt, the driver was brutally burnt by fire and also an older man who intend to render assistance was equally burnt but special thanks to God Almighty that no life was claimed.”

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