Junior Pope Reveals pledge To Treat Fans With Kindness

Nollywood actor, Pope Obumneme Odonwodo popularly known as recently shared the promise he made to his fans before achieving fame in Nollywood.

Junior Pope Reveals pledge To Treat Fans With KindnessReflecting on his pre-fame days, he recounted the difficulties he faced in trying to take pictures with celebrities of his era. Rather than emulating their attitudes, vowed that once he became a celebrity himself, he would never put his fans through the same stress.

He stated that when he first started in the industry, it was hard for celebrities to agree to take photos with fans and that he made a promise to always oblige to fans’ requests for photos once he makes it.

He took to his Instagram page and share a video of himself taking pictures with his fans. He wrote, “When we came to Nollywood Before A Celebrity Gives His/Her Consent For A Picture To Be Taken Was Like A Carmel Going Through The Eye Of A Needle………

I Vowed That Once I Become A Celebrity I Will Not Hesitate To Take Pictures Whenever Asked …… This is me keeping to my promise…..👆”

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