‘I’m Still Your Zaddy’ – Fredrick Leonard To Female Fans

Nollywood actor, Fredrick Leonard who just got married to his colleague Peggy Ovire, said he remains a Zaddy.

'I'm Still Your Zaddy' - Fredrick Leonard To Female Fans

His caption in his post has triggered some reactions from his female fans, as some said he broke their hearts and that he wants to compensate them by being a Zaddy.

Fredrick has shared a video on his Instagram page saying he remains a Zaddy.

A few days after his traditional wedding to actress Peggy Ovire, Fredrick took to his Instagram page with a video as he was seen feeling himself as he added in the caption of his post that he remains a zaddy.

He wrote, “Back To Base.

*I’m Still Your ZADDY ❤️”

Some fans reacted:

Tabsalone wrote, “Chai Peggy u just took this man away from the market just like that. Congratulations, the best girl won. Wishing you two a happy home with a lots of children.”

Teresemendy wrote, “Which zaddy😂na so u wan compensate us for breaking our hearts😢”

Mysanctuary wrote, “Powerful words “I like you, really like you.” You can’t beat that, the power of liking someone before ultimately loving them is realer’ (pardon my choice of non-existing words) than most people pay attention to. Too many relationships missing the “like” button. Yet, so quick to endlessly drop the line “I love you”. How do we intentionally love a person without actually liking them? And she agrees “don’t change.” Indirectly/directly, she is insync, in unism with his words “I like you.””

Jessygold  wrote, “If not you, who else ❤️our own son of greatness, the undisputed king of cinema 🎥 God’s favorite child. Blessed 😇 highly favored. A humble soul who’s journey we are blessed and privileged to be part of through these platforms ❤️❤️❤️ I’m saying this because, recently a bunch of people were gossiping positively with love about you, Grey, void and stay. And I was just seated there proudly telling them, ah film lord is our own na😂❤️ The country of gossip is kenya, the town Mombasa, the venue flo’s saloon and nail bar, you are loved film lord far and beyond ❤️❤️”

Igbomanswife wrote, “We don’t want you again
You really did hurt us😢😢”

Kikiomeili wrote, “Still my Zaddy oooooooo!”

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