‘I Don’t Fly Economy Class’ – BBN Chichi Reveal Why She Didn’t Fly With Colleagues

Chichi revealed why she doesn’t fly economy class in an aeroplane.

'I Don't Fly Economy Class' - BBN Chichi Reveal Why She Didn't Fly With Colleagues

The Level Up BBNaija’s housemates are currently on a trip to South Africa sponsored by Pepsi.

The trip which was sponsored by Pepsi had all housemates on Economy except for Beauty and Chichi.

Phyna and Groovy get settled in nicely in the economy while Beauty poses in business class as they all happily jet off to South Africa excluding Chichi.

Chichi explained why she didn’t fly economy class with the rest and stated that she isn’t used to it and that it isn’t about her being proud or anything, but she doesn’t fly economy.

She said, “I can’t remember the last time I flew Economy. This is not about me being proud or anything. We all had economy class and I wanted to change to business class or upgrade to business class and it was quite stressful. But, I did it anyways.”

This isn’t surprising for fans and lovers of Chichi, as she earlier revealed that she doesn’t charge less than 20m for brand endorsement.

Some fans reacted:

Shop Essential wrote, “Chichi needs to learn from beauty u don’t need to make an unnecessary video telling us how u don’t use economy wen pictures can just do the talking 😊”

Ebonytina wrote, “Some People dragging each other in the comment session has never been to SA in their life. Don’t gather enemies cos of this BBN people, you should think of your life!!!”

Pinessca wrote, “Phyna work hard for her money and spends wisely. When she feels it’s time to fly business class and can afford it COMFORTABLY!!!! she will . So for now, no pressure❤️❤️ all love 💗”

Elegance wrote, “Business class gets lonely so…. It’s safe to say! Leave phyna and co………Alonnnnnnne”

Pamelaowe wrote, “But the truth is those in the economy class will have more fun so all these ones you people are trying to do doesn’t matter, they are all in the same plane and heading to the same place, where this would have been a big deal is if shehad used a private jet instead.”

Beatrice wrote, “I love phyna so much, she’s not in a any competition with anyone❤️❤️❤️”
Oluwasemilore wrote, “Economy or business class na same destination 👏😐”


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