I Can’t Allow Myself To Be Used By Politicians – Bolanle Ninalowo

Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninolowo has stated his stand on the ongoing political campaign of the 2023 election in Nigeria.

I Can't Allow Myself To Be Used By Politicians - Bolanle Ninalowo

He posted on his Instagram page and that he is not ready to campaign or stand with any politician who doesn’t have good plans for the people of Nigeria.

He wrote, ” Nigeria*

God forbid that I use my stardom to destroy Nigeria even more. God forbid that I allow myself to be used by any politician whose interest and intentions are not for the betterment or good of the same people that made me a star”

Some fans reacted:

Wealth wrote, “And for the yeyebrity that has taken what also do belong to the future of their own kids knowingly igi Ewedu Ma wo pa gbogbo yin ni oooh . I come in peace ✌️”

Topbounty wrote, “Nigerians ain’t even helping themselves in most cases , went for campaign in my constituency. After talking to the few I could meet, the next thing the guys said was give us money nah, I was like is it better you collect token today and reck your tomorrow and they said what’s their business with tomorrow. Imagine a foolish politician that will go and loan money just for show up later won the election. The first money he/she’ll try and get will be the money he needs to pay back. We need help in this country Walahi.”

Ikogbonna wrote, “One crate of star for this one bro @iamnino_b 👏👏👏👏👏”

Iamsekinal wrote, “Hmm Oga Nino you sure say you mean this your post? abi na because dem never reach your side? 🤔 All Nigeria yeyebritys has no value any longer. After all that happened during end Sars, yeyebrity collect money change mouth side the wicked politicians.. U,’re all the same. Is only God in His infinite mercy can redeem Nigeria from the hands of the wicked. 😩”

Mofaitty wrote, “Yoruba actress & actor won’t like or comment under this post😂🤣 cos a lot of them are after there stomach no the future 👌 bro nino 1 bottle of chilled coke for you🤩🙌”

Babygirl wrote, “Somebody should tag Eniola badmus🤦‍♀️”

Biodun Stephen wrote, “Proud of you Nino. Super proud”

Sambasa wrote, “Word✊🏽”

Eniolamide wrote, “All the hungry celebs left the WhatsApp group”

Iamahrtom wrote, “He’s different from them in exposure and intellect. You can’t expect nothing less. Governing a nation is not rocket science if the characters our present and past political elites aren’t dubious. We must use what we have to fight against the odds. P.O will make better decisions and choices that will bring stability and project the nation on the right trajectories.”

Freshberry wrote, “Saidi balogun and others left the group”

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