Dorcas Fapson Claims Ex-Boyfriend Stole Her Valuables On Zanzibar Trip

Nollywood actress and disc jockey, has alleged that her ex-boyfriend, who is believed to be a celebrity, stole her valuables during a vacation in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Dorcas Fapson Claims Ex-Boyfriend Stole Her Valuables On Zanzibar TripHowever, she refused to reveal the identity of her ex-boyfriend but in December last year, she disclosed that dating singer was a big mistake.

In an interview with Chude, Fapson recounted how she paid for her ex-boyfriend’s ticket for the trip but was met with betrayal when she woke up to find her valuables, including phones, laptops, credit cards, a Rolex watch, and cash, missing.

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She also alleged that her ex-boyfriend had complained that his own items, including chains and a wristwatch, were also stolen.

She said she also suspected he was the one when all the photos and videos she took on her Snapchat were deleted since he had her password.

In her words, she said, “I had a booking in Uganda. After that booking, I wanted to take a break — like just go on a holiday or something and I’ll see the guy I was dating at the time and he was like… Yeah, we should go somewhere. We were like oh Tanzania

Zanzibar is like the beautiful place I’ve seen online and I want to go there. He was like he has been there before and he would take me there.

He started saying he doesn’t have money. I was like I will buy your ticket. So I got his ticket. He said he doesn’t wanna come from Nigeria by himself. So he would come with his manager and his manager would come with his wife. So it is like a couple’s trip.

So we got to Zanzibar the first day. I post on Snapchat a lot. Snapchat is my thing. When we got there, I was posting on Snapchat. Posting like the room, the villa. Just like the scenery.

So that night, we were drinking. I remember specifically he gave me a drink and I drank it and passed out somehow.

I woke to check around for my phone. I didn’t see them. And normally I would have my phone like under the pillow — my bed.

So I got up and he is next to me and I’m like do you have my phone? Cause, sometimes he has my phone. He has my password for my phone. He was like he doesn’t. Bearing in mind this is the first day we got there.

I got up and my suitcase is out of where I left it. Everywhere is scattered. My laptop is gone. My phones are gone. My Rolex is gone. My cards were gone. My 10k cash. Everything valuable that I came there with was gone.

He’s really calm and like his watch was taken and his gold chain. His watch, his chain, and the single thing that I have as valuables are gone.

We came back to Nigeria and I got another phone and all the pictures that I snapped in Zanzibar the day we got there were gone. Only those snaps specifically were gone.

And then a day later, the same watch that he claimed was stolen in Zanzibar – he was wearing it.”

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