The Moment Woman Surprisingly Paid Off Husband’s Long-term Loan [VIDEO]


The Moment Woman Surprisingly Paid Off Husband's Long-term Loan [VIDEO]

Jenny Slimzy has taken to her Facebook page to share the heartwarming action she took to meet the desperate needs of her husband.

During her Livestream Broadcast, the young woman revealed that her husband borrowed a huge amount of money to purchase some properties needed for the new apartment they moved into so that the family will enjoy a comfortable life.

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However, the family who is currently living in Vienna, Austria, has been finding it difficult to clear the over 3 years loan they took from the bank to foot the bills of their new residence.

Jenny stated; “he borrowed some money from the bank. He bought the house things we are using in our apartment. He just wants to put everything together to make sure we are comfortable when we come. Ever since we came my husband has been paying for this bill. He has paid for this bill for over 3 years now.

I was praying to God that God should bless me to bless him because I was thinking maybe when I come here I’m going to start work and help him in one way or the other. But when I moved in here I find out that for me to even talk of work, I must learn the language.

God did it for me so I started getting money. As I am getting money I am also saving because I want to put a smile on my husband’s face. I don’t know how to go about paying this money. So what I did, I told him to go to the bank and get the details, let us know how much you have paid. I did that because I want to get the whole information.

Last night I went to his file then I brought it out and went through it. I saw that he is owing Two Thousand, Nine Hundred Euros (€2,900:00.). I then paid the money this morning. In fact, I cleared my husband’s bill this morning. Let’s see his reaction.”

The lady then set the camera on standby, called on her husband, and revealed to him that she has paid the debt by showing him proof of the online transaction.

On seeing this, the husband shouted in excitement as he broke down in tears and started praising God for giving him an amazing woman.

“Is not about the money. A lot of things have changed,” the husband said.

His wife further advised the ladies to form the habit of assisting their husbands to ease them of the stress.


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