Creepy followers zoom in to Vee’s photo to see what’s beneath

The Nigerian singer posted two photos of her self in a mini dress seated on the sofa - what one would described as normal but guys on the streets on Twitter made something out of it.

Creepy followers zoom in to Vee's photo to see what's beneathTypically, when someone takes a picture of themselves, they are trying to show off what they look like. In the case of Vee, she is clearly not doing much. Something seems to be lurking beneath her and her followers can’t help but zoom in to try and get a better look.

These are people zoomed in to the max and take screenshots to see what is beneath her’s clothes.

Many people have commented on the photo, saying all sorts of unprintable things about what it looks like.

Unbothered Vee didn’t reply or even attempt to shut them up. One would thing by now, she would have use the block/mute button.

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