16-yr-old Boy Writes An Open Letter To Daddy Freeze


16-yr-old Boy Writes An Open Letter To Daddy Freeze

Akintunde Boboye writes:

I wanna ask a question. My intention are not to insult you in anyway, just curious. I’ve learnt first hand that most of this pastors you talk about doesn’t coerce or force the people to pay.

They always out of generosity propel themselves to give to this pastors. Now, If you ask the churches or pastors not to receive supports or tithes from the congregation, how do you expect the church to grow and expand the teaching of Gods word?? Or are you saying the churches need not to be run at all??

Even if this big men of God suddenly run down, are the churches going to run down too?? I think what you should be agitating for is that pastors need to be accountable and properly use this money to help the needy.

You fighting a full-blown war against the church, I said this because of the way you attacked the experience program which isn’t a platform to extort tithe or funds from the people. At this rate, you come against anything that pertains to churches.

There are tons of intelligent people in the USA, Canada, China, developed countries like that, still, their churches pay tithes and support the ministry. The Catholic Church receives tithes and offerings, there’s no church in the world that doesn’t receive tithe and support from her congregation if they don’t, how else will the gospel progress.

If your fight is against the accountability of Nigerian pastors, that’d be so understandable and logical, but this spilled over outbursts against anything church in Nigeria is in my opinion needless. I have never in my 16 years of existence heard where congregation are coerced to pay tithe or support the church.

In Chapel, there’s even a platform where money are lent to borrowers with no interest, There’s a platform where after every service, food, clothes etc are shared among people that need them. In the cell fellowship centers in winner chapel, you can talk to your cell ministers when you are in need and those needs would be met ranging from paying school fees to paying rents and so on, you can’t tell me that’s a lie cuz I am living testimony to that. The buses to n fro Canaanland used to be free until running them become hard, now it’s only free for new converts.

So these things aren’t run on leaves but money. And this congregation are always happy to give to the church. After all when people spend a huge amount in clubs on liquor, on gamble, or on the needy, on relatives, for friends, on habits, on hobbies…..when people spend on these factors no one complains. So why is that you see giving to the church as a waste.

You blame the church for our country being the world poverty capital of the world. Do you want chapel or redeemed or MFM to start running Nigeria with the contributions of its congregations? contributions that you still bash them about? Imagine what has done with of 10 years, now imagine if he has access to a vast national resource that UI or OAU enjoys.

Why are you blaming the church for the nation’s poverty?? Was Jesus in charge of the nation’s economy in his time? Was he in charge of the military? In charge of public hospitals? If you want the church to take over the affairs of Nigeria, why don’t you implore the government to handover to the church??

There’s the government and there’s the church. Both has its functions. The church can only voice out and advise the government on what to do, it’s left for the government to do something about it. I know of course that Freeze would spin and spin and grammar every one against his opinion down but I think at the end of the day he knows the truth

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