Mixed Reactions As Tiwa Savage’s $extape Finally Surfaces On Twitter

Mixed Reactions As Tiwa Savage's $extape Finally Surfaces On Twitter
Tiwa Savage

There are several reactions trailing the leak of Tiwa Savage’s sex tape on Twitter shortly after the singer made bold of how she’s been able to control the narrative.

The video was released on Twitter by @Gistloverblog1 who has also gone ahead to change the privacy of his tweets to ‘protected’.

However, the video is now been circulated across all social media and it’s clear enough to prove Tiwa was the one in the act.

Popular view shares the narration that the act took place in a boat in which Tiwa was seen earlier in the same outfit and wearing the same nails.


Here are a few reactions below:

@ebelee_ wrote:

There’s no issue with Tiwa making a s£x tape. Maybe you try it… maybe seeing yourself fvck will make you less averse to seeing other people fvck. The issue here is the tape being leaked (without her consent) & it’s not one she needs to be slammed for cause she’s the victim here

Another Twitter user, @Kynsofficial

Oh yes, let’s hang Tiwa, she’s underage and too young to have coitus, Oh remind me again the last time you had s£x? Oh yeah Ear you never did, I thought as much. Innocent virgin, eti ya Werey!

Adult ass woman should not have s£x. What if the tape was made against her consent?

@DrOlufunmilayo wrote:

Let’s not be fools:
That sextape leaking was NO mistake.
And no, I’m NOT saying Tiwa (or the woman) leaked it herself.

Conveniently, the man’s face is not showing. But the woman’s face shows.

That man who recorded it knew exactly what he was doing and exactly why he leaked it.

I really hope Tiwa doesn’t honestly believe this leak was a “mistake”. Because it wasn’t.

Anyone who knows how Snapchat works will find it extremely hard to believe this “mistake” narrative.

You don’t “mistakenly” upload things on Snapchat- except you recorded it there first.

And if you recorded the live s£x on Snapchat- what exactly is your motivation and drive for that?

What’s the motivation actually?

If not to possibly leak it “mistakenly” on your Snap maybe as a form of bragging rights to your friends/followers that you are bedding a celebrity.

I find it hilarious seeing that it is mostly women who should know better and who should learn from this situation are the ones that are desperately telling themselves naively that this is a “mistake”.

Anyway every mallam to his kettle.
It’s not my job to convince you otherwise.

But to everyone, pls kindly be careful in this kind of situations.

I know some of you call it “love”
but love doesn’t have to be reckless or foolish.

Be careful who you trust.
Don’t be quick to assume that your little love adventure won’t become late night Monday gist someday.

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  1. Anonymous says

    In as much as I dnt support tiwa and whoever she has a love affair with making a clip while making out,is it a must dt the video must be circulated??for us dt are married dt can have sex on numerous occasions with our spouses ds isn’t a new thing ,but,I have to knock tiwa for allowing this happen in the first place,must you video urslvs??what is a sin is a sin, let’s not cover it up because she is a well known person, did she think about what will happen to her son??how will he feel about his classmates making fun of him or teachers in his school looking at him somehow cos of what his mum has done??ds shld be tiwas thought everytime she wants to do something she shld think about d effect it will hv on her son,as for the person who upload this whats ur gain??whats ur gain??as long as there’s life still in u u can still encounter worse things than this in life.quiet unfortunate

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