Tiffany Haddish Dragged For Dodging Reporter’s Question


Tiffany Haddish Dragged For Dodging Reporter's Question

Tiffany Haddish, an American actress is being dragged on social media for not answering a reporter’s question on fixing TV diversity problems.

The reporter asked to speak on how to fix the issue of so many white winners at the Emmys, even though there are other good writers and actors in the categories of the award, she replied the question by saying she never went to the college.

According to the Carlifornia born actress, if it was a question on how to fit into her character, she can answer that freely, but the diversity problem is someone else’s problem to solve.

Here is the video below;

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However some Twitter users who reacted to the interview, accused of evading the reporter’s question and bringing her ghetto side to the forefront.

@filmfatale_NYC wrote;

I’m not interested whether you think ’s response was to your liking. I’m tired of PoC creatives being asked this question. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY FOR THE WHITE CREATIVES AND GATEKEEPERS IN HOLLYWOOD RESPONSIBLE.

@TorriNichelle wrote;

I like Tiffany haddish but I’m not feeling this whole ghetto stereotype she has to do in EVERYTHING….. she is the stereotypical black girl white people think we all act like …

That’s just my opinion tho … I really ain’t feeling that sh!t . Especially being a black woman where we gotta work hard to change those stereotypes and she doing it to make white folks laugh …. like she really can act like she got sense at least in interviews

@Travon wrote;

People are shading Tiffany Haddish for not answering the reporter’s question about fixing TV’s diversity problem but, 1) she shouldn’t have been asked in the first place and 2) she shouldn’t have to BS her way through an answer to a question she didn’t feel like she could answer.

Who the reporter should have been asking how to fix TV’s diversity problem is all the white winners who walked up to that same mic and didn’t have to spend their celebration time trying to solve a problem that Tiffany Haddish can’t fix.

Issa, Donald, Lena and Tiffany can’t fix TV’s diversity problem. The almost all white studio and network heads who have the power to green light shows can fix that problem. The programming execs who take ten white shows and one “diverse” show to their bosses can fix it.

The question the reporters should be asking the mostly white winners she mentioned is “in 2018 why haven’t we fixed this problem yet? Why aren’t you using your clout and privilege to fix it?”

If you want to know why it’s absurd to ask ANY POC about how to fix the diversity problem, imagine if a white reporter went up a slave and asked “how to we solve the problem of emancipation?” GO TALK TO THE WHITE PEOPLE HOLDING THE KEYS TO THE SHACKLES.

It’s not on us as POC in the industry to solve a problem you already know the answer to. If minimum 50% of the studio and network heads were POC TV and film would reflect the world both in front of and behind the camera.

The reality is Hollywood is not interested in truly diversifying itself and instead of swallowing that hard pill it’s much easier to feign disappointment in Tiffany Haddish for not answering a question she should have never been asked.

Tiffany Haddish Dragged For Dodging Reporter's Question

Tiffany Haddish Dragged For Dodging Reporter's Question

Tiffany Haddish Dragged For Dodging Reporter's Question

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