Jurors Find Bill Cosby Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Minor In 1975

Jurors Find Bill Cosby Guilty Of Sexually Abusing Minor In 1975A civil trial found that Bill Cosby sexually abused a 16-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1975.

A recent court case in Los Angeles County ended favorably for Judy Huth, who was awarded $500,000.

Cosby was found to have intentionally harmed Huth, a minor.

Bill Cosby has been found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. This is major news, as it ends one of the last legal cases against the infamous entertainer. His insurer settled many other cases against his will, and now this verdict is all that’s really left to disprove the claim that Bill Cosby could have done those heinous crimes he was accused of.

Bill Cosby did not personally testify or come to the trial, but his own testimony and video deposition were shown. He has continued to deny the allegation though his lawyer and spokesperson.

The jury had already reached their conclusions after deliberating for two days; however, due to a personal commitment of the person serving as foreperson, they had to start from scratch.

In 1975, Bill Cosby met Janice Huth and her friend on a movie set. A few days later they went to a Playboy mansion together.

Donna Samuelson was a friend of Huth and a key witness in the case. Donna Samuelson took photos at the mansion that then loomed large in the trial.

Huth testified that Cosby attempted to put his hand down her pants and exposed himself before forcing her to perform a sex act.

This wave of feedback, including Huth filing her lawsuit accusing Cosby of similar incidents while she was a teenager, triggered her trauma.

Nathan Goldberg, Walter Huth’s attorney, says he deserves to be held accountable for what he did. His attorney convinced a jury of nine women and three men that his client should be held accountable.

“You know in your heart that Mr. Cosby sexually assaulted Miss Huth,” Goldberg said.

Huth won a suit that took 8 years to get to trial. This was achieved because the judge and jury agreed with his argument.

During their testimony, Cosby attorney Jennifer Bonjean consistently challenged Huth and Samuelson over errors in detail in their stories, and a similarity in the accounts that the lawyer said represented coordination between the two women.

This included the women saying in pre-trial depositions and police interviews that Samuelson had played Donkey Kong that day, a game not released until six years later.

Bonjean made much of this, in what both sides came to call the “Donkey Kong defense.”

Goldberg explained to jurors that Samuelson said “games like Donkey Kong” when she first mentioned the allegations. Goldberg urged them to move past the minute details in order to focus on the major issues at hand.

The lawyer made her closing arguments by saying, “It’s on like Donkey Kong,” and finishing by declaring, “game over.”

Huth’s attorney felt insulted after the prosecutor’s conversation with juror 2.

He pounded the podium and yelled, “This is about justice!”

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