Tacha Is On Drugs – BBNaija’s Ella Makes Startling Allegations

BBNaija Ella Raises Alarming Accusations of Drug Use Against Tacha

In a shocking revelation, Victoria Nnabuchi, popularly known as Ella from the BBNaija Pepper Dem edition, has come forward with serious allegations against her fellow housemate, Tacha.

Tacha Is On Drugs - BBNaija's Ella Makes Startling Allegations
Ella and Tacha

Ella made these claims in an Instagram Live video that has now gone viral, sparking a heated debate among fans and followers.

The video captures Ella accusing Tacha of engaging in heavy drug use during their reunion performance.

Ella asserts that Tacha appears to be constantly dehydrated, citing her perpetually dry lips as evidence. She goes on to highlight the significant weight loss experienced by Tacha, suggesting that this, along with other factors, could indicate her involvement in illegal narcotics.

Ella further challenges Tacha to address the public and provide an explanation for her rapid weight loss.

To counter any potential accusations directed towards herself, Ella exhibits her large breasts in the video. By doing so, she aims to refute claims made by others, including Mercy Eke, that she too is involved in drug use.

Ella confidently argues that a drug user would not possess such voluptuous physical attributes, emphasizing the stark contrast between her appearance and the typical stereotype associated with substance abuse.

In her concluding remarks, Ella emphasizes that drug use tends to result in weight loss rather than weight gain, directly opposing the assumptions made about her own physique.

The video has since garnered significant attention across various social media platforms, with fans and followers eagerly discussing the allegations raised by Ella. As the controversy unfolds, the public awaits Tacha’s response to these serious accusations.

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